On projects that never were.

Communi & Coffee apps

Posted by sbastidasr on September 4, 2015

If you have ever worked on freelancing, you know the feeling. There are those projects that started with the best efforts ever, those that were destined to success, those that had beautiful designs. And, somehow, at the end of long work hours they never come out. The owner of the product decides not to continue, they ran out of funds or deadlines made it somehow impossible to finish the products. This post is dedicated to two of my projects that were meant to be, and somehow they died in the way.

Communi App

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This one was meant to be a student-item exchange, focused on fashion and clothing. Clean design, easy to use interfaces and an overall feeling of design. The color palette is made up of different tones of gray, skin and light-blue.

Coffee App

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The purpose of this app was to expose the best coffees in the world to connoisseurs. Ratings, prices, characteristics and all the info available to anyone that wants to experience a premium, grounded cup of coffee.And even though they didn’t make it anywhere, here they are for anyone who would like to take a quick look with a cup of coffee.