JS Love and Growth

Posted by sbastidasr on March 3, 2016

JS Love and Growth

Over the past few months there has been an amazing growth within the javascript community. It’s the language with most developers, it’s the top trending language, it’s just over everything. And you could wonder why. If it is such a flawed language why is it the most looked for? And the answer is because it is forgiving. It is very forgiving. And for a low level language (WAIT, low-level? What!?) being so forgiving is amazing.

So first. Why do I say low level. Because on the modern days, the browser is the operating system of the computer. It handles every-other app that people use. From social networks to massive sales systems. And the browser’s native language is javascript. JS is to browsers what C has been to operating systems. Sometimes it’s the only way to build stuff. When you want it to be powerful, you use C. And, for the browsers, every graphics API, every game, every music library, every single call to modify the document, every action, every function is made in JS. We need JS, it’s in our lives whether we like it or not. And why do people use it so much?

Because it is very, very forgiving. If you type something wrong. It works. If an integer it is passed to a function that buffers data it is made string, it outputs as a string, and enters somewhere else as string and maybe there it is received by a function that actually makes it an int and nobody knows why and it works. (Much in the same amount as times where it blows and nobody knows why).

Its core is so basic, that almost everything can compile to it. There are superscripts, other languages, everything else can compile to its minimal core. And that is why it can run in so many devices because of its simplicity of the language itself. It’s mobile, it’s on the browser, it’s on the server. It’s on tiny tiny arduino computers, it’s on cloud buttons embedded somewhere. And it has become one with the flow of data. Data simply flows through its functions. And so, there are many libraries built on top. To fix a small part of it. Some hole is fixed in every step through. And those libraries do compile to basic javascript, and so, it runs as well on a lego microbot, as it does bringing listings on amazon.

And as it became so good with graphics handling(and by good, I mean supported by everyone). It has now ported to other environments. Semi-native apps on mobile devices. It ported to computers with electron and we all listen through everything on spotify. It looks good, it works good. It receives the data flow. It takes it somewhere else.

And finally, it is so open. You can do functional programming, you can do structured programming, you can even eval() stuff(although you really shouldn’t). But it allows you to do almost anything you want. And it is why it is so big. because it is impossible to know everything js, because it is so big. And not even libraries that do the same have the same architecture. Want d3? totally different style of stuff handling than node. Not even close. Angular? React? everything works so differently, because JavaScript allows it. So what it has is flexibility. Stop hating javascript. It’s good, it allows you to do good stuff, and everyone hopes you do good stuff. Not box yourself.