Working Remotely

Posted by sbastidasr on April 11, 2016

I am a Systems Engineer and developer with more than 6 years of experience. I started my career at a small web development studio that outsourced engineers to work at a large agency in upper NYC. I applied with zero background experience and only a couple of semesters in engineering, I was hired after completing a couple of Java programming exercises correctly. Whether I was hired with very low expectations to do the easiest, parts or to actually learn develop something is unclear up to this day. What is clear is the results a few months there had in me.

I ended up working on some very big projects with universities, travel agencies, and amazing software consultants. Every project was cooler than the other, and so I continued to learn a bit more and completing it. From encyclopedias to custom CMSs and APIs, we developed an amazing amount of products that made me believe the best technology to work on is the one that fits the project. Every 6 months I learned a new technology from Ruby, to Front-ends to JavaScript.

Loving the design of the iPhone 6, I decided to learn Objective-C. And that was when software development took a turn for me. It was now some code in a very different subset of an old classic: C. It was the best to learn memory management, core processes, and databases in such a low level language. And iOS apps have a natural characteristic: being beautiful. Their design is just so amazing that you feel happy to use the app. You feel happy to develop it. It just works. And that was the day, I started designing software. And, to this day, I still do. My biggest achievement from that stage is a really cool iOS game!

Incoming: JavaScript. JS is this amazing low-level language upon which everything is run on the browser. There are a million tools like visualization libraries(d3), servers(Node), utilities (like underscore) and ways to compile it to all the platforms be this Arduinos, cellphones with Cordova of apps with Electron and that isn’t even counting the most popular platform: the browser! Learning JS has made the deepest impact towards a network architecture than all the previous languages. Rails make making APIs simple, secure and good as possible. While JavaScript libraries make it amazing to consume those services and showing them to the user.

The reason why I worked on different technologies is because I love working on the projects I like, the ones that I like the most, the ones that have an amazing design. Or that are projects with the people who have the best ideas. And those are almost never easy to get. They are usually scattered around. And so, comes remote work! Remoting has been the best experience ever since I get to work where I am the most comfortable, the happiest and the most creative. That means doing the best work, and being around the place you are happy in.

All that I mentioned before is the reason I am applying to TopTotal’s App Programmers Network. Because I want to freely work remotely without having to do the ugly part: getting the best clients and projects. The freelancing world is filled with a ton of low quality work and developers! Filtering through all the data takes time that I would like to spend on development. I want to be remote, and to develop the best projects ever. If you have one, feel free contact me!