Software Engineer & Designer


I am a Systems Engineer from Quito - Ecuador and, occasionally, downtown NYC! I've worked the last 6 years on web and mobile development, both full-time and consulting. Currently, I am enjoying the best of JavaScript and iOS development. I am especially interested in remote work.

I am focused on both development and design. I believe great software has to look great, to work great. I love to read, and learn. On my free time I make stuff, apps, games. Besides development, I am focused on business and making great products.

If you are interested in working together, you can reach me sbastidasr@gmail.com

Currently working at

Horizons Bootcamp

Currently, I am working as an Instructor at a brand new startup called Horizons. It is an immersive coding bootcamp course focused on the practical skills students need to be able to build software. The idea is for students to explore technology and discover opportunities that truly excites them. The courses currently focus on Full-Stack Javascript with Node, React and Front-end Developmet.

Visit the Horizons website here!


Projects I've worked on


One of the largest and most beautiful projects I've worked on. Worked on a remote team migrating the site's backend from CodeIgniter to Ruby on Rails. Worked on the complete stack to deliver both the front and back ends. Built on top of AWS and PostgreSQL.

Oxford University Press

Worked building the all new Research Encyclopedias' sites on top of WordPress. This includes work from backend, to theme development, to asset serving and front-end development on semantic HTML5 and SASS.

500 Below

Worked on developing both the Rails backend for the application, as well as the mobile app. The mobile app was built on the Ionic Framework over Apache Cordova. The stack includes Angular, JS, HTML and CSS. (Soon to be launched)


FceCrunch uses scientifically proven facial analysis to optimize the campaign creative for your specific industry. Worked developing the api's that connect FceCrunch to Facebook. A recent study showed that you can gain up to a 30% increase on ROI if you match the right facial structure with the right industry. Our algorithm takes the guess work out of choosing your stock images.


Worked on the research site to make it secure and subscription-only.

Tactical Life

Built the front end of the application on modern technologies. With millions of blog posts and legacy articles, it was a challenge to make it all run smoothly.

SummerFuel Blogs

Built blog sites for Summerfuel, with a special mailing integration.

Stuff I've Built


Have you ever tried writing a poem in a blank piece of paper? Hard, isn't it? Well, we've solved poetry out for you. Now you can play your favorite Fridge Poems on your device! Check them out Here!

Poem created with the app

Built the native app on Objective-C. Completed the project from design to approval on the App Store. The app displays ads on iAd (Higher quality ads) and Google Ad Sense as a backup in case iAd fails. The app uses a background service to load the words of the day. Check it out on the app store.


Designed and built the site for ArchiRescue, a starting studio for property design and development. Built the visual identity + the website. Developing on top of Jekyll with an incremental process.


Developed the website for Interart Architects with the goal of showcasing their projects in Quito, Ecuador.


Developed the mobile app Ukuku, as a prototype for an app to investigate species on the amazon. The app collects data, pictures and location of rare animals as people pass through the jungle. Check the complete article Here!