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Startup Starters (aka MVPs)

You have decided you want to start a software startup. You have secured (some) funding, and now you need to build a product MVP.

You have a few options:

  • Build it yourself (only works if you are a developer AND know how to build prototypes fast)
  • Hire an engineer to build it for you (only works if you have the money to pay for at least a year’s salary)
  • Outsource the product to a company overseas. (Managing the product is complicated, and often, prototypes need to be more stable for usage).

This is where startup starters come in. I have built many MVPs for startups, which means I can build yours within a short deadline, and you can use it to validate your idea or get more investment. The main differences between a prototype and a starter are:


  • Low quality code
  • Usually not stable
  • Bad UI design
  • Not scalable
  • Not secure
  • Not tested
  • Not maintainable
  • Not reusable/maintainable


  • Safe, robust starter code used as a base for your product.
  • High-quality code that many startups have tested
  • Extensible: Because the foundation is solid, you can continue to build on top of it.
  • Usable: It’s NOT a quick prototype. It’s code you can (and will) use in production when your product gains traction.

Technologies I use : Go, Python, Typescript, FastAPI, React, Node, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Vercel, etc.

Are you interested in a starter? Please email me at I will get back to you as soon as possible.