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Work experience

Staff Software Engineer -

Worked on the platform team, building services and infrastructure that power all the company’s products. I Automated Elasticsearch management, index resizing, and refreshing with zero-downtime migrations. Architected and led the execution of the service that proxies all machine learning model inference requests for all products handling more than 28M reqs/day. Led the initiative for exposing controls across all products to customers through self-serve mechanisms with authentication and authorization built-in Designed and Implemented circuit-breakers to avoid service exhaustion when downstream microservices fail. Laid out foundations for reusable components for internal tools used in various internal applications across teams, including machine learning training and deployment.

Skills: FastAPI · Flask · MongoDB · Elasticsearch · Redis · Terraform · Kubernetes · Docker

Senior Software Engineer -

Developed both the server-side platform (Apollo, Node, GraphQL, TypeORM, and TypeScript) as well as the front-end (React, Apollo Client) to provide historical financials and filings. Developed multiple services to fetch and deliver data that powers the site. Architected the financial document module: ~1 billion documents for all ~8k US tickers. Successfully hosting and displaying them on our site. Developed a catalog of front-end features such as watchlists, tables, filings, and stock charts. Worked on a streaming microservice for real-time financial data (prices, changes, updates)

Skills: Node · React · Express · ApolloGrapQL · Elasticsearch · Heroku · AWS

Software Engineer -

I worked on the Solve team, a customer support chatbot. During that time, I led the development of the Customer support widget, now serving millions of daily requests. I also developed the iOS and Android integrations of the customer support widget. I worked on the external company analytics dashboard, adding new features, refactoring, and improving existing code.

Skills: React · Redux

Software Engineering Mentor - Thinkful

Trained junior developers in full-stack web application development with JS, Node, Express, and React. Designed and directed 20+ projects. Wrote technical answers for development students on Quora, reaching +60k students.

Skills: Node · Express · MongoDB · Heroku · React